WIT’s short courses

Short certificate courses

Our short courses cater for a diverse market, ranging from young professionals and postgraduate students to private and public service executives and working professionals.


Wits-accredited courses are taught by top university lecturers or sessional lecturers. Depending on the learning outcome, candidates will earn a certificate of attendance or competence, CPD recognition points or a degree or diploma qualification. Courses vary in length from a single day to over a year, and are delivered in a variety of modes, such as evening classes, seminars, single blocks of study or block-release sessions over a year.


Each of our short course providers tailors courses for specific applicants and level of proficiency.


Wits Plus

The Wits Plus Centre for Part-time Studies offers short certificate courses. Wits Plus students are typically over 23 and professionals. Wits Plus also offers selected part-time undergraduate degrees and some postgraduate offerings, on the University campus.

Mandela Institute

The Mandela Institute at Wits School of Law offers continuous professional development for legal and other professionals seeking to develop their legal knowledge and skills through a wide variety of short courses in law.


Wits Enterprise

Wits Enterprise administers a wide range of University short courses across all faculties. These are offered in the form of public courses as well as customised courses which meet the specific needs of society, industry, commerce and government both locally and internationally.


Wits Business School

Wits Business School is listed in the Top 100 best schools for Executive Education in the world. The School offers a number of management and leadership executive education programmes relevant to global business today and with a particular Africa focus.


Wits School of Governance

The Wits School of Governance is a leading regional institution in the arena of governance, policy and development management for the public sector.


Wits Language School

As one of the top language schools in South Africa, WLS specialises in teaching language and communication skills to individuals and organisations.



Postgraduate courses from the Wits Business School and School of Governance.

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