Using Technology as the Bridge to Narrow the Education Gap in South Africa

A report by Amnesty International found that of 100 learners that start school, 50 to 60 will make it to matric, 40 to 50 will pass matric, and only 14 will go to university.


This, coupled with crumbling infrastructure, poor sanitation, a shortage of qualified teachers, a lack of basic equipment and textbooks, a scarcity of laboratories and libraries, and no access to technology or the internet, have all led to poor learning outcomes and a dire need for innovative solutions.

However, there is another factor at play here. Deficiencies in education also make students despondent, unmotivated, and uninspired, all of which adversely affect their interest in achieving the desired results. Furthermore, difficult subjects, uninspiring teaching practices, and a lack of creative support can limit a student’s ability to benefit from education completely.


Much still needs to be done to bridge the education divide in South Africa, but one thing is clear: to inspire children to embrace education, psychologists suggest that learning needs to be made fun.

While the government has been trying to find ways to improve the education system and be prepared to handle any unforeseen disruptions in the future, an innovative solution was needed and has been created in the form of the Edukite Learning App. This unique mobile app was developed by Edukite, based on the company’s intensive work with schools over the last 15 years. The Edukite Learning App is a complete learning tool that aims to do exactly that.

Vineet Ladia, Founder and Director of Edukite South Africa, says: “With the Edukite Learning App, learners have learning at their fingertips, and all they need is a cellphone. There are no data costs, and it is not affected by load shedding. Learners can also relate to concepts through real-life scenarios in South Africa. The app’s power is in engaging learners by stimulating their interest and giving them the space to learn while having fun. Edukite places the power directly in the learners’ hands.”


The app helps teachers simulate experiments and scenarios to grab attention while teaching, and demonstrates complex concepts in a simple manner. Learners also acquire new knowledge by testing diverse scenarios on their own or with their peers.


Edukite is focused on driving transformational change by empowering learners with the tools to enhance their own education and assisting schools to adapt and shift to a new learning environment. The Edukite Learning App may be the ideal tool to bridge the gap between those who have access to quality education and those who don’t.



While many improvements are needed in South Africa’s education system, learners now have access to the power of technology to overcome barriers to education and can do so in a way that is easy, interactive, constantly available, and fun.

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