University of Cape Town’s Preparation and Management for Examination Period

Dear students


The Student Affairs and Properties and Services departments have collaborated in planning the logistical arrangements for the upcoming examination period.


Logistical arrangements have been made in respect of study spaces, security services, UCT Shuttle services, parking, loadshedding, COVID-19 health and safety protocol, and medical assistance.


Study spaces during the examination period

The following study spaces have been made available. Please note the various times of availability at each of these spaces.


• Library study spaces

• Additional study spaces

Avenue Road Residence Dining Hall (available only for residence students between 20:00 and 06:00)

Please note that examination venues may not be used as study spaces, as these venues need to be prepared for the sessions. These venues will be clearly marked as such.


Security services

Campus Protection Services (CPS) officers will be onsite at each venue for the duration of the examination period.


For the evening sessions, additional CPS officers will be deployed along the routes from the examination venues to the shuttle stops and parking areas.


Students who will be using the 24-hour study spaces at night and requiring a CPS officer to escort them to the shuttle stops or parking areas are advised to contact CPS on the applicable contact numbers.


• CPS Operations Centre: 080 650 2222

• Upper Campus, Robert Leslie Social Science, Basement: 021 650 2121 / 4080

• Middle Campus, Kramer Building, Level 4: 021 650 5759

• Lower Campus, Burnage: 021 650 4788

• Faculty of Health Sciences, Barnard Fuller Building: 021 406 6100


Please note the following safety tips:

• Please save the CPS control room number, 080 650 2222, on your phone.

• Wherever possible, do not walk alone.

• Be in possession of your student card to assist CPS officers in identifying non-UCT staff and students.

• When walking at night, do not use headphones or be on your phone. Always be aware of your surroundings.

• Follow the “blue route” when walking between upper and lower campus. The blue route consists of nine emergency bollards with flashing blue lights. The bollards are evenly spaced along the routes and have an intercom linked directly to CPS. See the blue route on the campus maps for upper and middle campus.

UCT Shuttle services

The current UCT Shuttle services schedule will be amended during the examination period.

• Access the latest shuttle schedules.

• Download the GoMetro Move App on Google Play or App store; search for the “GoMetro Move” App and select “UCT Shuttle” under Transport.

The UCT Shuttle office can be contacted on 021 650 5289 (between 06:00 and 01:00). For after-hours queries, please contact the CPS control room on 080 650 2222 (toll free).



Students are encouraged to make use of the UCT Shuttle service as the availability of parking spaces can be limited during the examination period.


If you make use of your own vehicle, please ensure that you have the required parking permit.


Temporary parking discs are available for first-year students during examination times only. These can be purchased at the Visitors’ Reception and Information Centre (opposite the Sports Centre) at the entrance to upper campus, as well as at the Traffic Administration Office on upper campus. Temporary discs cost R30 per day, R80 per week or R210 per month.


Please note the following parking tips:

• Arrive early and allow enough time to find parking.

• Never leave valuables in plain sight. Items like backpacks, laptop cases or any packages should be put in your boot.



In the event of a power outage, please follow the FAQ when moving about campus or using lifts.

Please note the following tips to minimise the impact of loadshedding:

• Plan your study activities around the loadshedding schedule.

• Download the City of Cape Town loadshedding App.

• Please note that the upper, middle, lower and Faculty of Health Sciences campuses are in Zone 15. The Hiddingh Campus is in Zone 7.


Medical assistance

Paramedics will be on standby on campus. Should you require medical attention during an examination, an invigilator will summon the paramedics.


General emergency and safety measures at exam venues

In the event of a fire or any other emergency, note the following procedure:

• An invigilator will instruct you to leave the venue and guide you to the nearest safe exit.

• Leave your belongings and exit the venue in an orderly fashion.

• Once out of the venue, you will be directed by CPS to a safe emergency assembly point, where you should await further instructions.


Examination support services by SWS

Please refer to the recent campus announcement to find out more about support services offered by Student Wellness Services during exams. These include applying for deferred exams, medical services at upper campus clinic, limited walk-in services at the Sports Centre clinic, counselling services and pharmacy services.

All staff and students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the above-mentioned logistical arrangements.

Best wishes to all students during this examination period.

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