University of Cape Town (UCT) First-Year Campus Reception 2024

Beginning on Saturday, January 27 and lasting through Monday, January 29, the First-Year Campus Reception (FYCR) will take place at the Sports Centre on upper campus from 8:00 to 17:00 every day.


Important chores, such signing the UCT statement and receiving their student card, are among the things that first-year students should anticipate doing at the FYCR.

Verify the email address associated with UCT.

Following the announcement of your 2023 matric results, you will get an email with comprehensive details regarding the FYCR and instructions on how to reserve your time slot if you have been extended a definite offer.

When the Campus Life 2024 booklet launches on January 27, we also urge you to peruse it, since it offers helpful advice and information on navigating campus life as well as the surrounding communities.

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