UCT Summer School 2024: A Centennial Celebration

Honor a century of unceasing, lifetime learning.

In 1924, no one had visited the far side of the moon, Antarctica’s interior had not been surveyed, and we were unaware of the existence of the solar wind. Ireland had achieved independence, and the Soviet Union had recently come into being. General JB Hertzog’s “Nasionale Party,” in alliance with the Labour Party, formed the first government in South Africa.

Come witness how the world has evolved with us in 2024. Summer School is being held from January 13–27, 2024, at the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Extra-Mural Studies. Participants, friends, and alumni are invited to attend. The program is available to everyone, regardless of age or educational background, and is the only summer school on the African continent. The lectures are for non-degree purposes exclusively and do not need exams. A few of the available courses are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) compliant.


The University of Cape Town’s Summer School, a venerable institution in the academic landscape, is set to embark on a momentous journey in 2024 – a celebration of its centennial year. For a hundred years, this educational haven has been a beacon of knowledge, fostering intellectual growth and community engagement.


Legacy of a Century:

As the doors open to welcome participants to the UCT Summer School’s Centennial Celebration, there’s a palpable sense of history echoing through the corridors. The legacy of a century unfolds, showcasing the profound impact this institution has had on countless minds.


Diverse Courses and Workshops:

The heart of the celebration lies in the rich tapestry of courses and workshops offered during the summer session. From cutting-edge sciences to timeless humanities, participants can immerse themselves in a plethora of subjects led by distinguished faculty members. Special centennial-themed courses delve into the history and evolution of education over the past hundred years.


Keynote Speakers and Thought Leaders:

Eminent scholars, thought leaders, and alumni who have shaped the academic landscape are invited to share their insights. These keynote speakers explore the role of education in shaping societies and reflect on the transformative power of knowledge.


Cultural Extravaganza:

The UCT Summer School goes beyond the classroom, embracing the vibrant cultural mosaic of Cape Town. Art exhibitions, music performances, and literary events spill onto the campus, celebrating the diversity that has been integral to the institution’s identity.


Community Engagement and Social Impact:

Building on the UCT Summer School’s tradition of community engagement, the centennial celebration emphasizes social impact. Participants are encouraged to take part in outreach programs, contributing to the betterment of the local community.


Interactive Exhibitions:

A walk through interactive exhibitions chronicles the evolution of the UCT Summer School through the decades. Photographs, artifacts, and testimonials capture the spirit of learning that has been at the core of this institution.


Closing Ceremony and Future Aspirations:

The centennial celebration concludes with a grand closing ceremony, where participants, faculty, and guests come together to reflect on a century of academic excellence. The focus then shifts to the future, with aspirations for the next hundred years of the UCT Summer School, envisioning continued growth, innovation, and a commitment to lifelong learning.


As the sun sets on the UCT Summer School’s Centennial Celebration, the echoes of a century of intellectual exploration linger, paving the way for a new era of discovery and enlightenment.

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