Top Accredited Universities in Mozambique

Here are top list of some of the accredited universities in Mozambique:


Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM):

UEM, established in 1962, is the oldest and largest university in Mozambique. Named after Eduardo Mondlane, a Mozambican nationalist leader, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. UEM is renowned for its contributions to research, education, and development in Mozambique.


Universidade Pedagógica (UP):

UP is a leading institution for teacher education in Mozambique. Founded in 1985, it offers programs in education and related fields. The university is dedicated to producing qualified educators and professionals in the field of education.


Universidade Católica de Moçambique (UCM):

UCM is a private Catholic university established in 1996. It offers programs in various disciplines, including business, law, health sciences, and social sciences. UCM emphasizes academic excellence, ethical values, and community engagement.


Universidade Politécnica (UP):

UP is a private university that focuses on applied sciences, engineering, and technology. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to provide practical skills and knowledge to students. UP aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique (USTM):

USTM, a private institution, offers programs in business, economics, and management. Founded in 2000, it aims to provide high-quality education and contribute to the development of Mozambique through the preparation of skilled professionals.


Universidade Zambeze (UNIZAMBEZE):

UNIZAMBEZE is a public university with multiple campuses across Mozambique. Established in 2006, it offers programs in fields such as agriculture, natural resources, health sciences, and social sciences. UNIZAMBEZE focuses on regional development and promoting education in underserved areas.


Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique (ISCTEM):

ISCTEM is a private institution focused on business, economics, and management. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to equip students with practical skills and a solid foundation in business administration.


Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica (ISPM):

ISPM is a public institution located in the Manica province of Mozambique. It offers programs in various fields, including agriculture, economics, education, and engineering. ISPM aims to contribute to regional development by providing quality education and fostering innovation.


Instituto Superior de Transportes e Comunicações (ISUTC):

ISUTC is a public institution specialized in transport and communications. It offers programs related to engineering, logistics, telecommunications, and management. ISUTC plays a crucial role in training professionals to meet the demands of the transport and communications sectors.


Instituto Superior de Relações Internacionais (ISRI):

ISRI is a private institution that focuses on international relations and diplomacy. It offers programs related to political science, international law, and international relations. ISRI aims to prepare students for careers in international organizations, diplomacy, and global affairs.

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