Seeking Admission for Postgraduate Commerce Studies at the University of Cape Town

The Faculty of Commerce offers a variety of postgraduate options designed for students with a vocational/professional focus or for those who want to pursue the academic discipline of their undergraduate commerce degree.


Useful Resources for Commerce Postgraduate Applicants

Please consult the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook for details of the postgraduate programmes, including the curriculum and entrance requirements. UCT’s Directions for Postgraduate Applicants contains essential information on the postgraduate application process, dates by which to apply and more.

• Apply Online (the closing date for applications for coursework programmes is 31 October, unless otherwise specified in the UCT Directions for Postgraduate Applicants)

Honours/Masters/Doctoral degrees

The Faculty offers a range of degrees for students wishing to study further in a particular commerce discipline. Some of the degrees are offered on a part-time basis whilst others require full-time study. Certain Masters degrees require coursework and/or internships in addition to the dissertation.

• PhD Proposal Guidelines 

• Master’s Dissertation Information

• Doctoral candidates


Professionally/vocationally directed postgraduate diplomas

Students with undergraduate degrees from Commerce AND other faculties may apply for Postgraduate Diplomas and Postgraduate Diplomas in Management. The Postgraduate Diplomas currently offered are ideal for students wishing to pursue a career in Accounting, Information Systems, Actuarial Science or a variety of Management areas including Sport Management, Marketing, Business Communication and Entrepreneurship.


Although some postgraduate courses require students to have an undergraduate degree in Commerce, some of our postgraduate diplomas are available to students with ANY undergraduate background.

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