Optional Re-Marking And Further Testing For Individuals Who Failed Their Matriculation

Matriculants have choices if they are dissatisfied with their exam results.

The Department of Basic Education is advising students to consider other options in case their desired outcomes are not realized prior to the announcement of matric results.

If matric students are dissatisfied with their results, the department provided a list of choices.


Remarking and Rechecking

Candidates who are unhappy with their exam results are advised by the department to request that their answer scripts be remarked or double checked. District offices, along with the schools and testing locations where the examinations were administered, have application forms accessible.


Supplementary Examinations

There is an option for further testing for those who narrowly miss the minimal standards. Students who require a maximum of two subjects to earn the National Senior Certificate can take these examinations. Candidates with documented proof of their unique circumstances, such as physical problems, a death in their family, or other challenges, may also be eligible.


Students who do not fulfill the requirements for additional testing can re-enroll in a school as long as they are under 21 years old. This gives students another opportunity to sit for the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate examinations.


Choices For Students That Are Older Than 21

If a matriculated student is above 21 and has failed, they have further possibilities.

They have two options for enrollment: adult education centers or part-time candidate registration. Program participation at these centers is free of charge and available to adults and youth who have not finished their formal education.

Additionally, the agency advises looking at career possibilities including training programs and higher education.

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