Mukhanyo Theological College Late Application 2024

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Admission for MTC Late Applications 2024 Everything you need to know about downloading the Mukhanyo Theological College’s late application in PDF format and applying online is available on this page.


Are you looking for the Mukhanyo Theological College late applications for 2024? If so, this page has all the information you need.

You can use this page to get instructions on how to submit an MTC late application in both online and offline modes. For admissions to a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and diploma programs, the MTC online application 2024 has been available.

Undergraduate and postgraduate late applications for the 2024 academic session have been made available by the Mukhanyo Theological College (MTC) management.
It should be noted that candidates are urged to apply as early as possible in the cycle. For undergraduate students, the deadline is at the end of July, and for postgraduate applicants.

How to Apply for MTC Late Application 2024

Step 1: Enter your MTC student number, Grade 12 examination number, or ID number, then click the “Submit” button.

You will be prompted to enter your iEnabler PIN and password if you already have an MTC student number. You will be sent to the iEnabler website if you forget your PIN and/or password. Click on the “request a pin” button after entering your MTC student number. Your email address will get your PIN. To continue, click the back button on your browser and input your student number and PIN once more. Alternatively, call the MTC Call Center at 011 559 4555.

Step 2: Double-check your personal information and press the “confirm” button.

Step 3: Confirmation of a new or prior application:

1) The system will let you know if you qualify for any open qualification even if you haven’t applied to MTC.

2) The system will let you know how your application for the qualification(s) you have applied for is/are progressing if you have previously applied to MTC for the 2024 Academic Year. Please note that only applicants with an admitted status will be permitted to continue with registration if they have a good application status and are satisfied with their qualification selection. To acquire all the information about registrations, click on registration information. Click on the “Change Qualification” button if you are not satisfied with your current qualification.

Step 4: The qualifications for which you meet the requirements and for which there is still room will be shown by the faculty or college. Pick the faculty or college of your choice.

Step 5: A list of credentials offered by the faculty or college will be shown. Choose the qualification that appeals to you.

Step 6: Click “submit an inquiry” if you are satisfied with your choice. Click on Make a Different Selection to start the process over if you’re not satisfied with your choice.

Step 7: Type your mobile phone number and press the submit button.


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Observations before submitting an online application to MTC:

  • An email address is required to complete the application. not possess one? first, obtain an email address
  • Applicants from South Africa will require an ID number. A foreign applicant’s passport number is required
  • Before applying online, you must have enrolled for the NBTs
  • The cost of the application must be paid
  • Need a place to stay? Don’t forget to indicate this on your application
  • Before applying, don’t forget to look over the prerequisites for the faculty
  • Attention: Postgraduate applicants may only submit an online application
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