A handover ceremony for the Durban University of Technology’s (DUT) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was recently held at the ML Sultan campus by the Human Capital Services (HCS) and Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE).


The Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) manager, Mr. Solomon Nyamurima, greeted everyone in attendance at the handover and went on to outline the program’s main goals, their objective as a group in assisting SMEs, and the qualities they seek in these fledgling businesses.


“As an incubator in conjunction with innobiz DUT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, they typically do seed funding; everything took a slight twist. This is the first time they are doing something of this nature at DUT,” Nyamurima added.

He continued by saying that the incubation program offers entrepreneurs support services including fully furnished workspaces, coaching, and advice in an effort to assist the start-up and expansion of small firms.


Mr. Mxolisi Msomi, Senior Director of Human Capital Services, gave an inspiring speech to the entrepreneurs, praising them for their hard work and the numerous risks they had made along the way.

“Some of us find inspiration in the path you’ve traveled. Having this kind of chance might lead to many more opportunities down the road. Create your own, make it distinctive, and remember that everything we do in life has a multiplicative impact as long as we remain consistent in our work, Msomi said.


The director of Misugeda Group, Ms. Nompilo Zungu, gave a success tale of how she launched her company. She said that even as a child, she had always known she wanted to be an entrepreneur; she wanted to start companies that added value for their clients and generate employment. She went on to say that she had launched her company in 2021 and that, given her lack of experience and study into the industry, it was a significant risk for her. She emphasized that she was driven and inspired by the principles she had upheld from the beginning and that she was now operating her company in the manner she had always imagined.

The workers and the entrepreneurs received some amazing words of encouragement from Ms. Nonhlanhla Gumbi, Director of Procurement.


It’s a terrific day for all of us since the crew has worked so hard on the program, even though it wasn’t easy for the entrepreneur or any of us. They have to incorporate the ripple effect into every aspect of their company operations. Gumbi stated, “They need to concentrate on themselves as ripple effectors, have a good race, and run a fair one for more opportunities.”


During her concluding remarks, Ms. Buhle Ndawonde, a Transformation Specialist at HCS, expressed gratitude to the DUT personnel and business owners for taking time out of their hectic schedules to attend this esteemed event. “The adventure has been amazing and somewhat lengthy.

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