How To Access Rhodes University LMS

RUconnected is Rhodes University’s learning management system for students and lecturers.


The Moodle LMS platform allows for browsing content for your courses and to download your content to your device.

Ruconnect also allows you to contact other people in courses, upload images, documents, video, or audio files from your mobile device, and many other features on RUconnected.


This Learning Management System is one of the best user interfaces in South Africa. in this post, we’ll solve your usual challenges such as how to log in, change and recover your password, etc.


How to log into RUconnected

To log onto RUconnected you need to use your Rhodes usernames and passwords. This is the same user name and password that they would use to access their email, the Internet, and other services.


• Click on “““Rhodes Login”

• On the login page, enter your username

• Enter your password

• Hit the “Login” button


Voila! you’re in.’re in.

Your RUconnected login username is your student number. Note that you should replace the 6 at the beginning of your student number with a g when logging in to any of Rhodes’s online systems.


For example, if your student is 612A1234 you should use g12A1234 as a username.


How to change your password

If you do not know what the password for your Rhodes student account is, you can click on Forgotten your Password to reset your password for ROSS (Rhodes Online Student Services) and receive a new one-time password for ROSS via SMS.


Once you’ve set a new password for ROSS, you will also have to change your Rhodes student account password.


This will affect all other services that uses that password such as Novell logins, e-mail, web access, RUconnected, the library eprints server, etc.)


Alternatively you can reset your Rhodes student account password by visiting the Student Bureau in the Eden Grove Lecture Complex.


Make sure you bring along some kind of picture identity (student card, ID book or passport).

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