Details On Fraudulent Act’s Occurring Both On And Off Johannesburg University Property.

University of Johannesburg notify each and every one of their students about the scavengers’ activities both on and off campus. These actions take the shape of fraud and scams.


We have discovered that there are people out there trying to con our students by pretending to be representatives of the institution or students. In return for money, these people guarantee to provide students with academic space, bursaries, housing, and/or registration support. After receiving the money, they will either disappear without a trace or use phony credit cards to fulfill their promises; in either case, the credit card transaction will be reversed in the end, leaving the pupils deeply in debt.

The University of Johannesburg is a cashless institution; therefore, in order to get help, no cash payment of any kind is required from staff or student representatives. It is recommended that parents and students stay vigilant at all times and communicate with the institution through its established channels. Additionally, we implore people to call their fraud line with any unusual activity.

Tel: 0800 872 846

Email: [email protected]


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