Collaboration Between UWC and Aspen Pharmacare Aims to Advance Science and Technology

Efforts to place the University of the Western Cape (UWC) at the forefront of technological advancement have received a significant boost through a financial contribution from Aspen Pharmaceuticals. A half-a-million rand cash injection was allocated to purchase computers for the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University.

A recognition ceremony was held at the Computer and Mathematics Science Building recently, with Aspen Pharmaceuticals leadership, UWC Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Development and Support, Professor Matete Madiba, as well as faculty staff and a team from the Department for Institutional Advancement (IA) in attendance. The event provided an opportunity for all involved to witness first-hand how the invaluable resources will breathe life into transformative research and innovative ideas.


The multinational pharmaceutical company, which has been instrumental in numerous on-going and future projects at UWC, has warmly welcomed this partnership. Aspen believes this research-led university can be at the forefront of innovative and creative projects, with its skilled graduates as the driving force.

Sanele Khoza, Socio-Economic Development and Communications Co-ordinator at Aspen, expressed her enthusiasm with the work that has been accomplished. “I am so encouraged by the work that has already been done; I can tell you that there is a huge reservoir of talented innovators and ambitious young people. We have these innovators who now have the tools to increase methods of innovation. We are encouraged and humbled as Aspen to provide the right tools and equipment that we hope will increase and enhance the innovation”.

Prof Madiba praised the UWC-Aspen collaboration, describing it as an unwavering commitment to produce graduates who are not only equipped with profound knowledge but armed with creativity and innovation to take their skills into the marketplace.


“This type of boost to UWC’s technological advancement provides a grand opportunity for our students to have resources of this nature. We know these resources will prepare them for the future.

“The generous donation has provided us with resources needed to propel our students towards the forefront of innovation,” said Prof Madiba.


The partnership was initiated by IA Director, Professor Anesh Singh, who called for more collaborations with the multinational pharmaceutical giant, believing it can be mutually beneficial.


“I am grateful for the friendship that I share with Mr Stavros Nicolaou (Aspen Pharmacare Group’s Senior Executive for Strategic Trade and Development). Mr Nicolaou shares the same passion for higher education that I do and hence his continued support. I am grateful for the support from Aspen and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship as we jointly steer the University into the future.” said Prof Singh.

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