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Top-Ranked Universities for Music Studies in South Africa

South Africa is home to several renowned universities that offer exceptional music programs, providing aspiring musicians with comprehensive education and training opportunities. In this write-up, we will explore some of the top-ranked universities for music studies in South Africa, highlighting their strengths, resources, and unique offerings.   1. University of Cape Town (UCT) – South […]

SA’s universities under threat from dysfunction and corruption

South Africa’s universities are currently facing significant challenges in the form of dysfunction and corruption, posing a threat to the quality of education and the integrity of academic institutions. These issues have the potential to undermine the country’s higher education system and have far-reaching consequences.   Dysfunction within universities can manifest in various ways. One […]

Escalating University Expenses in South Africa

The rising cost of university education in South Africa is a significant concern that has garnered widespread attention in recent years. The increasing financial burden on students and their families has sparked debates about accessibility, equality, and the long-term implications for the country’s development. Several factors contribute to the escalating costs:   • Tuition Fees: […]

South African University Students to Face Extensive Consequences Due to Insufficient Reading Skills

The headline highlights the issue of insufficient reading skills among university students in South Africa and the extensive consequences they are likely to face as a result. In this context, “insufficient reading skills” refers to a lack of proficiency or competence in reading. When students in a university lack the necessary reading skills, it can […]

The State of Literacy in South Africa: Our Schools Reflect The Challenges Of Our Society

The state of literacy in South Africa remains a critical concern, with our schools serving as a reflection of the challenges that persist within our society.   Literacy is an essential foundation for individual growth, social development, and economic prosperity. However, South Africa continues to face significant hurdles in achieving optimal literacy rates. The situation […]

ATB Programme in Mi School Closes The Gap in Child Literacy

The ATB (Accelerated Teaching and Learning) programme implemented at Mi School has proven to be highly effective in bridging the gap in child literacy. This innovative initiative has successfully addressed the challenges faced by students with reading difficulties, enabling them to significantly improve their literacy skills.   Recognizing the importance of literacy as a fundamental […]

Research Reveals That Principals In The Western Cape Excel In Challenging Circumstances

A recent study has shed light on the remarkable resilience and success of principals in the Western Cape, South Africa, when faced with difficult and demanding situations. The research findings indicate that these educational leaders demonstrate exceptional capabilities in navigating and overcoming various challenges. The study, conducted in the Western Cape region, examined the performance […]